Industrial Workers of the World - Northeast Pennsylvania

Northeast PA Workers Help Line (570) 478-3IWW

3:11 PM

IWW Local 570 delegates are available to assist you with any issue related to your job or unemployment, whether you are a union member or not. Call our help hotline (570) 478-3IWW or (570) 478-3499 and leave a message with your name, number, and brief description of your issue. We will return your call shortly.

Wages & Hours -

          US Department of Labor - Wage & Hour Division 
          7 North Wilkes Barre Blvd. Stegmaier Bldg. Suite 373M 
          Wilkes Barre, PA 18702-5284 
          Phone: (570) 826-6316 1-866-4-USWAGE (1-866-487-9243) 

Contractor Misclassification -

  • If you are classified as an independent contractor, but receive full direction from your employer when completing daily tasks, use your employer's tools, equipment, or offices, do not own a business, and are not a traditionally exempt tradesperson like a freelancer or performer, you may actually be an employee according to state and federal law. 

  • Don't let your boss get away with denying your rights and paying his taxes! Workers can call the PA Bureau of Labor Law Compliance at 800-932-0665 and report the situation.

Harassment & Discrimination -

Unemployment Compensation -

  • You have a right to unemployment compensation, generally, if you are an employee who is laid off due to lack of work, unjustly fired, or if you quit for a compelling reason like unsafe working conditions or mistreatment. If you are separated from your job in northeast Pennsylvania, you should file an unemployment compensation claim with the Scranton unemployment compensation service center by calling 570-565-3048.  

  • If you are denied for any reason, you should write "I disagree with the decision" and send the Notice of Appeal form in immediately. You will be assigned an appeal hearing date and are entitled to representation. If you are low income, you can receive free representation for your claim by contacting North Penn Legal Services. If you do not qualify for their free legal aid, contact our hotline (570) 478-3IWW or (570) 478-3499 and we will either arrange free representation for you or help you prepare to represent yourself.
Workers Compensation -

  • If you are hurt at work, you can receive workers compensation to pay for lost time and doctor visits. You should file your claim right away by calling 800-482-2383, the PA Workers Compensation Claims Helpline. 

  • It is best to pursue workers compensation with an attorney representing you because it gets complicated. If you are low income, try contacting North Penn Legal Services for free legal aid. If you do not qualify, contact our hotline (570) 478-3IWW or (570) 478-3499 and we will either help you find representation in your area or help you prepare to represent yourself.
Workplace Safety - 

  • If you find an unsafe work environment, you can contact state and federal agencies to request an investigation. Safety's no accident!

  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration - 

          Wilkes-Barre Area Office 
          The Stegmaier Building, Suite 410
          7 North Wilkes-Barre Boulevard
          Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702-5241
          (570) 826-6538
          (570) 821-4170 FAX

  • PA Bureau of Occupational and Industrial Safety - 717-787-3806



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